Werewolf Scarecrow Natural Vamp Fangs


  • $49.99

Simply The Best And Most Realistic Werewolf Fangs On The Market!

These fang caps are designed to fit snugly over just a single tooth for the most realistic look possible. They fit GREAT and will last a lifetime! There is NO boiling water, NO complicated & unsightly partial plate to construct and NO adhesives necessary.

This kit includes a set of Natural Fangs AND a set of Saber fangs, wear them as the werewolf kit or separately!

  • Custom Fits ONCE To Your Teeth In Minutes. No Need To Refit Them!
  • Completely Re-Usable With No Messy Glues. Simply Pop Them In And Out Whenever You Want!
  • Good For YEARS Of Use!
  • The Most Realistic Fangs Available! Professional, Movie Quality Teeth