Ensley Victorian Inspired Corset


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By Trivium

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  • This overbust corset is also a fine example of the variety you can find, if you want to focus solely on the Victorian corset option. You are certainly going to make an impression with this distinctive, lovely black corset. Featuring a Ronnette pattern with bone casing, these corsets are perfect for those who want to grab the attention of the room right from the beginning. This high fashion example of corsets can make for a stunning centerpiece to a larger gothic or steampunk ensemble. With these corsets, comfort and style are brought together here for a truly unique fashion possibility.


    • Made from Brocade exclusively developed for corsets, lined by 100% Cotton Twill.


    • Spiral Boned Black Brocade Victorian Inspired Overbust Corset
    • 10 Spiral steel bones are distributed all around the corset
    • 2 Flat steel bones at back for better lacing grip and stability
    • All bones are placed under cotton bone casing
    • Opening back lacing
    • Lace up back
    • 8.5 - 9.0 meters long lace for tight lacing the corset
    • Grommets in the back 12 x 2 = 24 total
    • Made up of 12 panels
    • Modesty panel 8 inches wide
    • 6 Suspender loops at the bottom
    • Ronnette pattern perfect for Regular torso female
    • Weight: 500 gm (1.10 lbs)
    • Overbust


    • Center Front: 15.0 inches (38.1 cm)
    • Bust to Bottom Length: 14.25 inches (36.19 cm)
    • Side Length: 13.75 inches (34.92 cm)
    • Center Back: 14.0 inches (35.56 cm)

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