Trivium large heat transfer for dark fabric


  • $9.99

Trivium small heat transfer for dark fabric

These beautiful drawings were created for Trivium by a local artist, it's ready to transfer on your favorite clothing or accessory.

** Trivium logo is not on the heat transfer**

Instruction: set the iron at the cotton selection and wait until it is ready, iron the fabric before and place the heat transfer facing down (you must see the design as the way it should be ) and place the iron on the heat transfer for 10 seconds, remove iron and peel off the paper immediately. 



Aysha         11.1CM X 18.4CM
Dahlia         14.0CM X 14.6CM
Taoreko      13.3CM X 18.4CM
Viveka        19.1CM X 13.1CM
Cassandra 10.1CM X 19.2CM